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NMD Cable Assemblies


In the world of digital high-speed/high-frequency, engineers use vector network analyzers (VNA) to validate analytical simulations and measure assemble RF components and devices in the lab. Thus, Bo Jiang provides you other alternative solution for superior precision vector network analyzers (VNA) cable assemblies. It could be to quickly and accurately verify Microwave RF components and device performance in the lab and perform calibration activities. We not only offeres cable assemblies that rugged, highly compression enables longer good life, but also reduces cost over the life of the test equipment.
Bo-Jiang produces the extreme cost and performance ratio includes and high quality of NMD 3.5mm, NMD 2.92mm, NMD 2.4mm and NMD 1.85mm series for cable assemblies in test utilizations. Bo Jiang’s VNA cable assemblies combine rugged connectors and flexure and phase and amplitude stability cables. We not only provide 25 in., 36 in., and 48 in. length but also are available for demand of customers.


  • Significant durability with ruggedized connectors
  • Remarkable phase and loss stable cable assemblies
  • 3.5mm, 2.92mm, 2.4mm and 1.85mm test ports options
  • Shorter lead-time proces
  • In 2.92mm test port option, Frequency : DC to 46.5GHz
  • DC to 67GHz


Working FrequencyDC ~ 26GHzDC ~ 40GHzDC ~ 50GHzDC ~ 67GHz
VSWR (Typical/Maximum)1.2/1.31.2/1.31.2/1.31.2/1.3
Phase Stability(°) (Typical/Maximum)±2/±4±2/±4±2/±4.5±4/±8
Amplitude Stability(dB) (Typical/Maximum)±0.04/±0.1±0.02/±0.1±0.03/±0.1±0.04/±0.1
Minimum bend radius57.1mm
Temperature(°C)Lab Conditions
Lengths(Inches)25, 36, 48 and Customized

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